Buying a set of chefs knives…?

An essential piece of kit for any aspiring or professional chef, the knife set is something that needs a lot of thought when purchasing.  There’s a few essential knives you’ll certainly have an everyday use for: a cook or chefs knife being the first.  This is an all purpose knife, for chopping and slicing & all manner of kitchen tasks.  The size you need is a personal choice – it should feel right weight-wise and be well balanced.  Next, the paring knife.  More delicate and intricate tasks can be done using this knife – peeling, trimming & carving for example.  Then you should make sure you have a serrated vegetable or tomato knife in your set, invaluable for slicing soft fruit cleanly.  The names of the next few knives you’ll want to include speak for themselves, a bread knife, boning knife & filleting knife.  

Global 7 Piece Chefs Knife Set – just one knife set in our range

Brennan Catering Supplies stock a full range of chefs knives & knife sets – top quality brands such as Victorinox, Global, Wusthof & Dick at competitive prices.  We’ll deliver anywhere in Ireland, with free delivery on all orders over €75.  

Call us on 051 591995

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