The Polyscience Smoking Gun


An innovative, interesting way to add flavour to your food, during or after cooking is with a smoking gun. No, not a Smith and Wesson but with the latest hand-held kitchen accessory that’s becoming increasingly popular with creative cooks and cocktail bar staff around the world.

When it is used within a restaurant setting, the chef can cook his food as normal and then, using a glass food cloche over the plate, release the smoke from the gun into the cloche, trapping the aroma and locking the flavour into the food.  Food that reacts particularly well to this method are fish and poultry but the smoking gun can also be used to great effect on butter and cheeses – in fact any food can be experimented on as the smoke doesn’t add heat to the food and therefore doesn’t compromise the texture of the dish.  Chefs have found that the smoky flavour is the first thing that hits the palate followed by the taste of the food that was used coming through afterwards.  Thus the food is given an added layer of taste.

smoking drink

Similarly, cocktail bar staff are finding that smoking cocktails are a novel addition to their drinks menu.  Wood chips, tea and even spices can be used in the smoking gun to add subtle, interesting flavours and turn a dish into something exciting and delicious.  Waiting staff can be trained to use the smoking gun at the table in front of customers which can be a much talked about experience.

All in all, a smoking gun can bring your creativity in the kitchen to a new level of ingenuity.

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